Monday, 8 September 2014

Gibraltar Wildlife

As I said in a previous post, today was all about the dolphins! After being given the best ride into a port possibly ever, we had even more animal fun to come!

We arrived in the port quite late in the day at around one in the afternoon. We were booked on a dolphin safari at fourish so to pass the time we took a leisurely stroll into the town centre. It was only a 15 minute walk into the centre which wasn't too bad but it was such a hot day (and I'm seriously unfit) I was dying. I really liked the centre as everything was all in one place, shopping streets all joined together by a central square. The streets were cobbled and there was just a nice feel around the place. We had a drink in the square which was a great place to people watch, hehehe. Also, who doesn't like tax free shopping?!!?

After walking back to the port it was time for the main event, DOLPHIN SAFARI! After a 5 minute bus ride to a mini harbour we got straight on the boat and were away for dolphin fun times. They prepared us that the fog was rolling in so we might not see any of the cute little creatures but oh were they wrong! As soon as we got out into the open sea we were surrounded by dolphins who were showing off by jumping, diving and playing, it was so cute! It was such an amazing experience to see that many dolphins in one place. I'll leave you with a few (or more...) pictures from the trip!

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