Friday, 5 September 2014

Food Day Four

Starter-Creamy Garlic Soup
This soup had so much flavour and a really nice creamy consistency. The croutons gave a nice contrast with the crunchiness and the portion was good but I could have done with just a little less as it was quite filling.
Main-Pork Tenderloin
I thought that this was gorgeous. The pork was perfectly cooked and was tender and soft. It came with just the right amount of jus and the potatoes that came with it were really tasty. The vegetables let it down a little as the broccoli was too large and over cooked and the carrots were a little under.
Dessert-Pistachio Ice Cream
It was okay but it had an extremely overwhelming almond favour. The consistency was more like ice that more creamy. 

This wasn't the best overall meal but the starter and main were both very nice so I think it was a 7/10.

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