Thursday, 14 April 2016

So Long, Farewell, Ta-Ra For Now

A short post today and one that I didn't really want to have to do. I'm going to take a couple of weeks off posting while I get my uni work and life sorted. I've been trying to power through with posting but I feel like my posts haven't been great lately so I'm going to take a break, sort my life out and then return. So, have a nice couple of weeks and I'll hopefully see you soon!

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

La Cachette! (Take Nine)

Another trip home another La Cachette meal so without further ado let's jump in!

For starter I went for the duck pitivier special. It was delicious. It was beautifully cooked duck inside a puff pastry casing on top of a tasty sauce. The duck was soft and had a lovely flavour of duck which wasn't over powered by any of the other elements. The pastry was crisp and well cooked and the sauce was tasty and there was just the right amount of it. The portion size was perfect and it was an all round great starter that I would definitely have again in a heartbeat!

Main course wise I went for the chicken with celariac dauphinoise, mushrooms and cabbage. This was insanely good! The chicken was moist on the inside but slightly crispy on the outside with a lovely flavour of sage. The dauphinoise was delicious, again soft on the bottom and crispy on top. It didn't have much of a different flavour to a normal potato dauphinoise but it was delicious all the same. The mushroom and cabbage were also very tasty and the portion size was perfect. I finished every last mouthful and would have gladly gone back for more.

Little bit disappointed with my choice of pud. I chose the apricot and frangipane tart with ice cream. It was all very dry. The cake part was powdery and the apricots, although caramelised, were chewy and not very nice to eat. I ate the cake with the ice cream and that moistened it a bit and when I got to the thicker part of the cake that wasn't as dry but it wasn't as amazing as the other two courses which was a bit of a shame.

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Coming Into Third Term of Final Year

What I'm hoping to achieve this term:

  • Work my bum off to get the 2:1 I desperately want.
  • Although I want to work really hard I don't want to spend my final term consumed by work so I want to find a good work/play balance.
  • Visit the new doughnut shop in Nottingham (health kick will go well!)
  • Get a ticket to the final Ocean, I feel like I should really go this year seeing as though it will be the FINAL one.
  • Continue blogging even through the tough work times.
  • Get a job before I finish. Please employers, LOVE ME.
  • Not stress too much, The first night where I'm not waking up from fear of failure will be a good one.
  • Have a good time and go out with a bang!

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Thursday, 7 April 2016

What's On My IPhone

When thinking of a new, slightly different blog post to write for my blog I realised that I've never delved into my phone. I'm just going to say now, don't get offended, but I don't use folders. I like all of my apps out where I can see them and I like all the colours on my home screen. I also have all the original apps on the bottom because they're the ones that I use the most. I have a few old games on my phone but I never seem to get rid of them just in case I want to play them again (which never happens). In fact there are plenty of apps that I used to be obsessed with that I no longer use, like Afterlight, the photo editing app. I even PAID for this one, I know tragic. I used to use this for all of my photo needs but now I just use the IPhone editing in photos. I think I need to get rid. Here are a few of my favourite apps at the minute:

Plant Nanny- My absolute favourite app of the moment. Basically it's an onscreen plant that you feed every time you have a glass of water. If you don't drink, you don't feed your plant and your plant dies. It's made me realise that I don't drink anywhere near enough the water I need to drink in a day so it's done wonders for my hydration. Hooray for hydration!

Merged- It's a very hard to thing explain but I'll try. It's a game where you have to match up numbered squares and score as many points as you can. Just trust me on this and download it because it's really addictive and fun!

Instagram- Instagram is my favourite of all the social medias. I could flick through the popular page all day and am not satisfied if I don't get to the bottom of my feed. I need to see everything. Cheeky plug my instagram is @abzisfabz and I'm always looking for new people to follow! My favourite things to see are pretty makeup posts, art and cooking videos and extremely cute dogs!

Any apps that you can recommend please let me know!

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Deliveroo!

Another Deliveroo! I'm seriously going to have to stop because this is 1. Not doing my figure any good and 2. Not doing my bank account very good. This delivery was prompted by being alone the night before coming home and not having much in the cupboards. I was also really in the mood for a burger which is how I came to the decision of GBK. I've mentioned my love for Deliveroo before but I'm just going to share it again. I can't believe how easy it is to get restaurant food to your house. Amazing, if you can get it, do it!

I went for a chicken burger, which I chose to be covered in breadcrumbs, with lettuce and onions inside (I chose for them to remove the tomato which I thought was a nice touch on the app). For sides I went with skinny fries, onion rings, garlic mayo and baconnaise, which is mayonnaise with bacon in it. Let's get the bad things out of the way first. I didn't like the fries. This isn't because they were bad or cold but because they are my worst kind of chip. I like fries when they are crispy and have bite to them but these were completely the opposite. I should have put them in the oven for a few minutes to crispen them up but next time I would get sweet potato fries. Now with that out of the way let's get to the good stuff! The onion rings were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle with the batter having a bit of a spicy flavour to it making them very tasty. My dips were delicious. The garlic one was packed with flavour and the bacon was nice, all be it a bit strange, and both went well with all of the elements of the meal. The main event was to die for. The bread was sweet, my perfect burger bun, and the chicken was moist on the inside with a crispy coating on the outside. It was the perfect size and not at all greasy which can sometimes happen with burgers. I would definitely recommend this, it didn't disappoint!

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Monday, 4 April 2016

The Best Eye Primer In The World!

I just thought I'd take two minutes out of your day to tell you about the most underrated product in my collection. I use this everyday, had it for 18 months and I mention it in nearly every blog post. It's the Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly. This is the best primer I've ever used and I don't intend on stopping anytime soon. I use it all the time and I can't get enough. It's barely even got a dint in it which is amazing from all the use. It's the perfect nude colour for my eyelid, not too cool and not too warm, and it stays put all day. I simply put my finger in, swipe it on my lid and then blend it all the way from my inner corner up to my brow bone to even out my skin tone and get rid of any weird veins. I'm just seriously in love with this product and if anyone has any recommendations for any other Mac Paint Pot shades then please let me know. I hear Groundwork is good but I think I need some more of this product in my life!

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