Friday, 29 August 2014

Food Day Two

Starter-Bay Scallop Gratin
I thought that this was so tasty. It came in a little metal dish which had holes where the scallops were and then the oil and gratin was over the top. It came with bread to dip into the oil which was nice but I would have liked a little more. The gratin was flavoured with garlic which is one of my favourite flavours so I really liked that and it went well with the scallops. Overall it was a little small and I would have like a little more bread with it but the flavour was great.

Main-Roasted Duck
The duck was a little dry but the skin was really crispy which I really like so that kind of made up for it. When mixed with the sweet berry sauce the duck became more moist and had a good flavour with the other elements of the dish. The cabbage was really soft and sweet with balsamic vinegar and I think was the star of the dish. The potato croquettes were also delicious. I would have liked some more sauce to moisten up the duck a little more. 

Dessert-Chocolate Souffle
I thought that this was very disappointing. It had a marshmallow texture which was very strange for a soufflé and it didn’t have much of a chocolate flavour at all. The only redeeming factor was the espresso sauce but other than that I was disappointed.


Overall I thought that the starter and the main were really nice but the dessert let it down so I'm going to say it was a 6/10. 

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Vigo Vigo Vigo!

First port of call was the northern spanish city of Vigo. It was the perfect weather, boiling hot with a nice breeze every once in a while. My first sighting was on my mum and dads balcony which luckily faced the 'docking side'. It was a lovely mix of mid rise modern buildings and little spanish suburban houses that could be seen in the distance. Another thing that got me soooooo excited was the giant sign for a Sephora....eeeeeek! There was just a nice feel about the place and I couldn't wait to get off the ship and have a little explore.

The first thing we did when we got off was make our way towards the main street of shops. We walked up what seemed like a hundred million steps, but the streets were really cobbled and cute so it all had a nice feel. The buildings were the typical 'apartment type' buildings that remind me of Paris with the cute little iron gate balconies and the shutter windows. It's one of those places where it's just nice to have a wander around and not really do much (if that's a good thing...I think it is).

The Sephora experience was a bit of a strange one. As soon as I walked in I think I had a bit of a panic attack. I had no idea where to go first and it was all a bit overwhelming. But then after I'd had a wander I just realised it's like a more expensive Boots. That didn't mean I didn't part with my cash though and i got a Sephora foundation brush, dry shampoo and the bumble and bumble sea salt spray.

Finishing off the trip we had a drink at one of the bars at the front and it was nice to just sit back and watch life go by. I really liked Vigo, I thought it was a really nice place and seems like it would be a good place to live, walking down the streets to the shops with a coffee...aah, lovely.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Food Day One

Let the food logs begin! I documented every evening meal and gave it a score out of ten and twice a week on here I'll post each night and at the end I'll decide what my favourites were from the whole holiday. Exciting! The only problem is I wasn't intelligent enough to take pictures of the meals themselves so you'll just have to use your imagination!

Starter-Smoked Fish Rillettes 
This was reeeeeeeally tasty. I love fish especially smoked salmon and this was full of flavour. It came in a little ramekin with two slices of crispy bread. Everything was in proportion and it was a really nice start to the meal. 
Main-Seafood Spaghetti
When I ordered this I didn't think it was going to be anything special but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was spaghetti topped with scallops, mussels, crab meat and asparagus. The sauce was creamy and full of a gorgeous crab flavour. Everything was really flavoursome and went well together. The only thing I didn't eat was the mussels because I'm not overly keen but they looked nice on the plate. I could have just done with some bread to mop up the sauce!
Dessert-Blueberry Peach Crumble
It wasn't bad but it wasn't too good either. The crumble topping was nice, especially the soggy bits, but the flavour was overwhelmed by cinnamon. The peaches could of been sweeter and the blueberries were okay but a bit sour. The vanilla ice cream was okay but made it go cold as it was placed on top.

The meals got off to a good start and overall I'd score it 8/10 as the starter and main were great, it was just the dessert that let it down.

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Holiday Fun Times!

After two weeks of sunning myself at sea, I'm back to the worst possible weather. Yippee. But I don't really care because I've had one of the best two weeks ever! I mean, what's better than sitting in the sun with a really good book and stuffing your face with free food? Nothing.

I went on the Royal Caribbean ship The Independence of the Seas. I've been on one other Royal Caribbean ship before. Last year I went on Adventure on the Seas, which is one class down from the Independence, and was amazing at the time, but it was so small in comparison to this one! I'm not even joking, it was like a small town. No joke.

Here are some 'ship stats' to show the mahoosive size:
Gross tonnage-160,000
Inside cabins-733
Outside cabins-1,084
Passenger capacity-4,375

For the next few weeks I'll be posting every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all about my holiday antics! That should keep me busy until I go back to uni!

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