Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My little train journey

So I mentioned in my last blog post that I was going to see Miranda in Manchester on Friday and she was SO GOOD! I think I nearly wet myself on a couple of occasions with laughter which is definitely a thumbs up from me. But this post isn't about how great the performance was, it's about my train journey. Because I'm cool, and because I have too much spare time of my hands, I made a video of my train journey which was fun, except when people were staring at me wondering why I was filming my feet...not fun.

So enjoy!


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Friday, 14 March 2014

My cosy corner

Recently life has just been deadline central. Take now for instance, I'm half writing this and half sorting out my latest portfolio to hand in. Sometimes I'm in that mood where I just can't get my brain to think and all I want to do is sleep. Similarly, and this has been my mood this week, I've just wanted to get the work done and have actually enjoyed it!

This is because of my cosy corner. My room at uni has this little window seat type thing and when I arrived I put my big, soft blanket on it so I could sit on it and over the months I've pillowed it up and it's so comfy! Mixed with the weather I like to grab a cup of tea, snuggle up with my pillows and teddies and just get in the zone. At the minute I've been listening to Imagine Dragons when doing my work, which is quite strange as i wouldn't say that this was my normal type of music but it just kind of matches with the sun, if that makes any sense!

I'm just getting my stuff ready as today I'm hopping on a train to go to Manchester to see Miranda Hart! I'm so excited, eeeeeeeeeek, so I'll probably write a post on Tuesday about my journey. Bye!

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Everything is awesome!

Everything is awesome! everything is cool when you're part of a teeeeeaaaaam!!!! As soon as I heard this song I knew that the next few weeks were going to be filled with this amazing tune. I have already prepared myself to lose all of my friends and annoy random strangers because I'll be listening and singing this song on repeat until someone literally punches me in the face. It's being referred to as another 'Do you wanna build a snowman' incident...oops.

If you don't know where this AWESOME song is from then get yourself down to the cinema and watch the Lego Movie because it's worth going for the song alone! One of my assessments for my next deadline is to write a review so yesterday, when it was like the hottest day of the year, I decided to spend two hours of my life in a dark cinema watching pieces of my childhood dance around on the screen. It wasn't the best film I've ever seen by any means but there were some memorable moments which I'll be quoting for months maybe years to come.

I'll just leave you with 'EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!'

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Friday, 7 March 2014


This year, I decided to take on the challenge that is lent. Now I've tried it many years before but have always failed by about day three, so this year I'm determined to succeed! I have given up....sausages. Bit of a weird one but I literally have a sausage sandwich at least three times a week and I'm pretty sure thats not very healthy. We're three days in now and so far I've only had about 10 cravings, which for me is not that bad!

This year I found out that during lent Sunday is 'feast day' which means that you can eat or do whatever you've given up on a Sunday which is kind of what made me do it. However, I've still not decided if this Sunday I'm gonna have sausage or see if I can last longer without it, we shall see...

Writing this has seriously made me crave a sausage sandwich now...AHHH I did not think this through! I'll keep you posted on how long I last, bye!

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Monday, 3 March 2014

My nail varnish collection and storage

Now, I never thought that my little collection of nail varnishes was particularly big until I recently had a sort out. When it covered at least a quarter of my very large desk I started to think that maybe it was slightly excessive. Soon enough my little green wicker box was overflowing and I was forced to find another place to store them. Cue my birthday and I received a Champneys gift box. After 'uming and aahring' of what to put in it I thought it would be a good nail varnish storage.
I decided that putting it on it's side looked much better than if I just had it flat as it looks like a cute little shelving unit. At first I just had them like this without securing them which worked out fine for a couple of days but when I tried to get one out one day I unleashed a varnish avalanche and there was  nothing I could do but stand on my swivel chair (as I store this in my overhead unit things) trying not to fall off whilst being hit by flying nail products. After that, I decided to blutack them down to prevent it from happening again, *fingers crossed*.

Disco ball

Shirley Temple
Mint candy apple
These three varnishes are my favourites. Disco ball by Rimmel is a sparkle top coat type thing which has silver, blue and purple specs (as you can tell I'm soooo good at explaining things!). I like to wear it over purples and blues and if I want mega sparkle I'll do 2-3 coats. My favourite one at the minute is Essie's Mint candy apple. It applies really nicely and the brush is so fat you need like one swipe and you're done! The colour is bright and happy and seems to stay on my nails for at least a week which is amazing! Last but not least is Shirley Temple by Rimmel. It's a shimmery orange colour and is actually what I wore on my nails for my Sixth-Form prom. This is such a good colour to wear in summer as it really sparkles in the sunshine.

I made a video over on my YouTube channel featuring my collection and where abouts it is etc so hop on over and take a gander! Click the link below to go straight there, bye!

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